I guess it’ll do…

I posted a menu again…. it’s not what I really want it to be, but our busy schedule is getting slightly less busy, so I should be adding more fun, interesting food again soon!!! LOL The kids are really enjoying their turn at cooking. Once wrestling is over we’ll start working on menu-planning and grocery shopping!
I’m trying to get back to my monthly menu plans and 1 big shopping trip a month with smaller trips for just milk, bread, produce, etc in between…… I’ll let ya know how that goes……. 😉
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One Response to I guess it’ll do…

  1. Faye says:

    I think that is great you have the kids involved in the cooking. Guys and girls should both know how to cook something for themselves. I wish I could get myself motivated to make a weekly menu again. I never know when Megan is going to be home, she is a fussy eater. That would be great to be so organized that one monthly shopping trip covered all but milk, produce, bread etc.

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