Busy Times…. still…

Yes, still busy as usual around here. Wrestling practice, tournaments, work, Camp Fire, at-home business, cooking, etc….. lots to do and never enough time to get it all done.
This afternoon I suddenly realized I hadn’t planned the menu for the week!!! I had ham steaks in the fridge and red potatoes and asparagus in need of cooking up, so tonight’s dinner was simple to figure out. Tomorrow it’s the kids’ turn to cook, and since they missed last week due to me being out of town, they’ll get to cook on Thursday, too. Tomorrow we’ll have pizza (they are thinking about Cheeseburger Pizza…. doesn’t sound too appetizing to me, but they want to try it, so we will! lol) And Thursday is still up in the air… we’ll discuss it tomorrow after school…..
I know I still owe a lot of recipes on here… they’re coming! I promise!!!!!
Oh, and those who enjoy the food pics, I’ve got some of those coming soon, too! And My John is even getting in on the picture taking now. He made himself a "small plate of nachos" the other night that turned into a mountain of nachos that were "picture worthy" and he grabbed the camera! I’m so proud
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