The Choice…

So I’m out of town on business. On my own… nobody to cook for, nobody to share my bed with me. The only pleasure I can find is in going to mall (conveniently located across the parking lot of my hotel room). I hit a few stores, and realize it’s 8:30! And I still haven’t had any dinner. I head upstairs to the enormous choices in the food court! Pizza, chinese, burgers, burritos…… every imaginable food, all calling out to me! The time for a choice when looking at so many amazing choices is surprisingly easy… yes, it was easy. And I didn’t choose the greasy pizza, the amazing-smelling burgers, the wonderful-looking chinese stir fry, or the aromatic mexican food. I chose the little deli! Yes, the deli, with great sandwich choices and salads!!! A half sandwich on crushed wheat bread with nothing but veggies! Piled high with veggies!!! (Oh, and a thin slice of havarti cheese) They were out of the roasted tomato hummus that was supposed to come with this particular sandwich, so I asked for an extra slice of avocado to replace it. And jicama! I’ve never had it, but it was on the sandwich. I had to ask what it was…. they couldn’t really describe the taste… as the girl assembled the sandwich she asked if I wanted it. Well, I’ll try most anything once, so SURE! And I didn’t even know it was there! lol
I had my sandwich in my hotel room, while writing up a glowing letter for a wonderful sales person at a shop in the mall. And I didn’t even miss the grease from all those other places…………
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  1. Faye says:

    Good for you picking out the healthy food in a sea of greasy, salty foods! I much prefer a wrap myself with a little bit of beef or chicken and lots and lots of veggies with a big glass of milk. I\’ve never had avocado nor jicama. I\’ll have to google jicama, I know avocado is a veg. but no clue on the jicama.

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