Where does the time go???

I’m not really sure how I neglected to post for so long…… I have a list of recipes sitting on my desk, ready to be typed up… along with several food pictures that I want to share with ya’ll
Last week’s Tuesday night dinner cooked by the kids didn’t actually happen… Felicity was sick, and since the plan was for them to make fondue, we decided it wasn’t a good idea……
So the Fondue got moved to tonight! My John & I really enjoyed it, Haden thought it was good, and Felicity, well, didn’t enjoy it much…. we’ll try different cheeses next time, now that we know how to make it (thanks to the great Rachael Ray kids’ cookbook that a great friend let me borrow… I still need to order it…..)
I’ll try to start typing and posting recipes this week, if I get a chance to breathe…..
Off to try and update my menu now…… oh and in NEED of making my monthly menu plans again…….. I bought a bag of frozen veggies this week and couldn’t fit them in the freezer! I guess it’s time to stop buying and start cooking!
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  1. Faye says:

    We had a great supper last night. It was my dad\’s 88th birthday so we had him over for chinese and chocolate cake. I found a great buy on frozen assorted vegetables last weekend. It will be great just to pop these in a pot or microwave. It\’s so nice to not have to cut or store fresh veg. to have for mealtime. More liable to eat lots more veggies.
    Hope you get a good start on typing up recipes. It\’s a lot of work but so much easier to find when it\’s time to cook!

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