Yes, I know… bribery is known to be a terrible thing…. people bribe their children with trinkets and candy if they will just behave long enough for mom to get in and out of the store… bribe the kiddies with special treats for the long trip… sssshhhhhh keep still through church and we’ll go out for ice cream…..
I know these all sound familiar. You’ve been the one offering a bribe to a child, even if you didn’t think it was a bribe…… I pulled off the queen of bribes tonight!!! After mulling it over and looking at our schedules, I had to come up with some quick thinking to get the kids to really understand that our time would be better spent with ONE evening at HOME a week! They wanted to join the school’s Talent Show… which would mean that our 1 night that we usually have at home would be spent at the practices, with little time available for sitting down as a family for dinner, homework, decent bedtimes……
So we compromised (ok, I bribed! lol)…. I offered them the opportunity to choose and prepare (with help, of course) the meal for Tuesday night dinners for the next month. If it works out well, we will continue.
Tonight they made Taco Grande`, their specialty! They looked through their cookbook and for next week they want to make Cheeseburger Pizza (which does not look too appetizing to me… but it’s their choice, so I’ll have a big salad to serve with it!). I asked them if they read the ingredients and they said they did. And I’m just thinking "pickles? on pizza?" They’ve decided to leave the pickles off because they don’t like them on burgers, anyway… their response was "well, we can change it if we want to, right?" YES! They are certainly my children! I always make at LEAST one change in every recipe….. lol
Well, i’m off for a decent bedtime myself 😉
Now go check your menu and freezer and decide… What’s for Dinner Tonight?
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  1. Unknown says:

    I love the age where making them do the work is considered bribery, lol.  Seriously, this is so good for them to learn how to cook hands on, and I commend you for making sure there is one night at home at least–that can be hard to do!

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