Quick Meals

With a little planning ahead, it is possible to put a healthy, well-rounded meal on the table in just about no time at all!!! Tonight (as it always is on Mondays!) was busy… But one of my fave things to have pre-made in the freezer is meatballs! Toss a few handfuls in a pan with some sauerkraut and let those bake for 30-45 minutes!! Slicing potatoes (instead of cubing or quartering) and boiling them for mashed potatoes makes them get finished up much quicker. And then I always have the old stand-by canned vegetables in my pantry.
I know a lot of people consider canned veggies to be "convenience" food, but I really don’t. To me it’s a personal choice between fresh, frozen or canned. Sometimes the cost of these items and the space available for storing has to help in that decision. For me, the pantry space is ample and the freezer space is like gold to me! I save that much-needed space for stocking up on meats and sometimes bread. There is room for an occassional bag of frozen veggies, but that’s only if there’s a great sale on them!
Point in case: I really wanted steamed broccoli to go with some baked potatoes… fresh was $2.49/#…. frozen was also $2.49/#!!! While this is a great food and I really wanted it, I refused to spend that kind of money! I’ll have to wait until a sale comes up… and maybe if the frozen hits a good sale price, I’ll buy several bags for my next craving! Of course, this isn’t even an option in the canned foods section (and I don’t know that it would even taste good canned!!! lol)
Anyway… before my ramblings put ya’ll to sleep… I’m going to tuck my babies into bed and consider an early bedtime for myself before my long day at work tomorrow!
Tomorrow is Taco Tuesday (did I update my menu yet? Well, I’ll get to it! ……)
What’s for Dinner at your house????
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