BUNCO Time!!!

Yes, it was BUNCO night! My night out with the girls to eat, drink, roll some dice and have lots of laughs. The laughs were on ME tonight as I finished out the night with 3 wins and 15 LOSSES!  I still had a ton of FUN!!! Got a nice prize for being the biggest loser, too. LOL
I always fix something really GREAT for BUNCO! It’s a potluck in our group, and everyone has come to expect me to make something that looks awesome, but that I can tell them HONESTLY is NOT difficult to make at all (even for a novice in the kitchen…) Well, last night I was visiting with a couple friends, talking about my new Trifle Bowl that I wanted to use and make something great in it. But I was at a loss and really didn’t have the time today, anyway! So I was challenged to NOT COOK and to instead layer M&Ms in the bowl…. LOL So I did…. it really made for a beautiful display piece. Several handfuls were eaten and I got everyone to even take a few handfuls HOME with them because I just don’t need that much candy in my house. LOL
Yes, I got a picture of the bowl all filled with colorful candies…. but this old computer isn’t really capable of loading in all my picture software and getting the pictures loaded!!! I’ll add this to my list of things to post when I get my computer back…..
Have a great weekend!!!
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2 Responses to BUNCO Time!!!

  1. Unknown says:

    Sorry to hear that you didn\’t win…but I know you had a great time anyway!  The M&M trifle sounds so pretty.  I can\’t wait to see the picture!

  2. Faye says:

    I never heard of the game  BUNCO but it sounds like a great night with the girls!
    Have a great week Celeste.

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