Getting better…

Well, I’m finally feeling better! Enough that I finally cooked a full meal tonight for the first time in a week!!!!
Between being sick, starting a new job (with new commute), meetings, wrestling matches and Super Bowl, there just hasn’t been much cooking happening around here……..
Over the weekend we hit the High School Wrestling Districts and spent the entire day there! Well, we were near a good grocery store, so we shopped some produce and I found Tomatillos! So, I grabbed a few….
The tomatillos is what I used tonight in our dinner! Tomatillo chicken with black bean salsa!!!!!! MMMMM This recipe is from Cooking for Two and More (one of PC’s great cookbooks!!!) Along with this I served something new for me…. wild rice! (NOT from a box! I’ve made it before, but it scares me, so it’s always been a box mix….) I found a great wild rice mix at CostCo a few weeks ago and finally gave it a try!!!!
Some things to know……
Tomatillos are NOT just "green tomatoes"! I can’t describe their flavor, but they are worth trying! But beware… the skin gets sticky and the "papery" covering will stick to it, and to your fingers… and then to your hair, and anything else in the way!!!!! (yeah, I had fun with it tonight…… LOL)
Wild rice… well, it takes a LONG time to cook! The container said 30 minutes….. but it took more like 45!!!!
Dinner was still great…..
And I know that tomorrow my girlfriends are going to say to me "OK! You tell us about this great recipe and then didn’t share it!" You’re all just gonna have to wait! My good computer is at the "doctor" and I’m stuck on a slow, old machine that is giving me fits!!!!! So I’ll keep a list of what recipes I need to get posted and will post them all at once when I get my good computer back!
Until then….
What’s for Dinner at your house tonight?
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  1. Faye says:

    We planted Tomatillos in our garden one year. We didn\’t know what to do with them, I wish I knew you back then! So since we didn\’t use them the reseeded themselves for years to come. They would pop up in all sorts of places in the vegetable bed!
    Glad you are feeling better.  What is your new job? I think I missed reading that in one of your blogs.Have a great rest-of-the-week Celeste.

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