I’m a Slacker Mom…

Quite the whirlwind week! I didn’t stick to the menu very well, either  But I also didn’t succumb to the temptation of take-out and deli!
Monday we had Tacos, because I just didn’t have time to make anything else. But it was still home-cooking, eaten together as a family.
Tuesday I had forgotten that Haden was invited to sit on the bench with the team for the High School Wrestling match, so had to come up with something quick to feed the family. I settled on an impromptu picnic that we ate with My John at the school. Tuna sandwiches, cheddar cheese slices, pickle slices, Pringles and a big salad (and snickerdoodles and pudding for dessert)
Last night the kids ended up not going to their dad’s for dinner because he was stuck on a service call… so I used up the last of the taco meat and made nachos when we got home from wrestling practice.
And then tonight… well, I had every intention of making Stuffed Peppers for dinner… ground beef was thawed and I was getting ready to start cooking when My John came home from work (he was on day shift today, so is home this evening) and decided that since he’s home tonight and the kids have no activities planned that we should do Movie & Pizza night….. ::::sigh:::: So, I’m getting ready to order pizzas now and we’ll pop "Cars" into the dvd player and hang out….
I’ll try to do better next week……
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