A Day With Mom

This morning I decided to get a little shopping done. Then I decided to take Felicity & Haden with me for a Mom Day! We loaded up and grabbed the gift cards, and at the last moment as I was walking out the door, I grabbed the camera…
We hit Borders books and the kids loaded up with some great reads for themselves (and I found a Bartenders Pocket Guide for a great price!). Costco was fun, and as always, was a great snack-time for the kids. Tastes of yogurt, BBQ pork, soup…
So, chicken breast was a must for our freezer… then I found 2# of cheddar for $3.99… a big container of what looks to be a great wild rice blend… I’m restocked I think now… and can get on with some menu planning
One of the gift cards was from McDonalds… so we hit that next. When we walked in we found ourselves in the middle of Ronald McDonald’s Birthday party!!! How cool is that? Everyone was getting treat bags, he was giving autographs and doing magic tricks! Quite a treat!!! Felicity and Haden even got to help with some magic tricks and were so thrilled by it. (And I was glad to have picked up my camera at the last moment as I was walking out the door!!!)
Our final stop was Super 1 to get some fresh produce (tomatoes on sale for $.88/#… radish, green onion, cucumber, lettuce… gotta get some more salads on the table!!) and then home.
My John had been home all day and did an awesome job of getting the roast started. He’s proud that he didn’t mess it up, and I’m just happy to have been able to come home after a day out of town and all I had to do was throw in some potatoes and carrots and put together a salad… voila… dinner!
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  1. Faye says:

    So much you can do with chicken breasts but our prices have gone up so much at $14.99 a KG! (that\’s just over two pounds). So I passed that up \’til I find a good sale or the price goes down then I\’ll get a box of them. Going to make tacos for supper today. Now to clean out the fridge of the weekends leftovers for lunch!

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