More Change….

More change is on the horizon… I’m giving up my job at the school (2 hours a day, cashiering for lunch) to pursue other opportunities with the company I work for. It will mean more hours and more travelling out of town.
So, why am I posting this on my Menu space? Well, with life changes often comes menu changes. With less time at home for prepping meals, I will be making more crockpot meals and freezer-friendly meals (large batches to freeze and take out as needed for quick meals)
I will be closer to more grocery shopping options on a regular basis. I’ll be able to hit more sales and better stores to help with the grocery budget! YIPPEE!!! (Now to keep myself OUT of the McDonald’s drive-thru! The fries are my weakness, what can I say? lol)

My friend Faye asked about my Chicken Alfredo. I don’t have an exact recipe for this, I’m usually an "eyeball it" kinda gal… I generally grill the chicken breast and then slice it. The sauce is whipping cream (I use whatever kind of cream I have on hand at the time… whipping cream, heavy whipping cream or half & half…), garlic, and parmesan…. nothing special. Just simmer the cream with the garlic to thicken it up and bit. Pour the cream over the pasta and throw in a couple handfuls of grated parmesan cheese. Easy peasy….. I can try to measure it out when I make it and post what I come up with. (My apologies in advance if this doesn’t make it this weekend…. the menu is likely to change to spaghetti instead of alfredo for Saturday……)
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  1. Faye says:

    Thanks Celeste, that sounds easy. I didn\’t know what the base was, I though maybe sourcream, wrong. These ingredients are easy to get and I know there won\’t be any nasty preservatives. Megan goes to here BF for the weekend anyway, but I think I can figure it out to taste. Does garlic thicken a sauce? I didn\’t know that or just the simmering?
    I find a change of jobs keeps things interesting. Do you still manage apartments?
    Have a great weekend!

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