Weekends can be busy at times, and laid back others…. this weekend seems a bit of a mix. Lots to do, and never enough time to do it all.
I didn’t end up cooking today for My John. A friend gave me a pan of her AWESOME homemade Mac & Cheese, so I threw that in the oven for us. I kinda needed the break from cooking. I love to cook, but somedays I just don’t want to do anything, and today was one of those days.
Tomorrow is another Seahawks playoff game. We’re having an Asian theme for food. My John will be making his fried rice (the first recipe he learned to cook all on his own… I let him have free reign in the kitchen and just gave him a little direction… yes, he just learned to cook a few years ago… I taught him, and he can cook some really great things now… but will never be as good as me, because I have many, many more secrets that I’ve kept to myself …. heehee). We also have California Rolls, and will put together some sweet & sour meatballs. His sister has asked what to bring… she doesn’t do much cooking… maybe I’ll just have her pick up a "cheater salad", Asian Salad Mix. That stuff is soooo good! I can make a dressing pretty similar to it, and I’m thinking that needs to make it’s way to my menu soon…. I guess S&S chicken should make the menu soon and then I can make my dressing for a salad to go with it…
OK… enough of my rambling. Tomorrow I will post Johnny O’s 20# Fried Rice recipe.
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