Tonight is BUNCO! I always love going. Something that’s just for me. And everyone brings food, so there’s lots of great things to try!!! Some plan out what they are bringing for weeks at a time (guilty as charged, here! lol) and others just bring whatever sounds good to them that day. But it’s always something great.
Tonight I am bringing a cheese board filled with lots of fun cheese…. bleu cheese, brie, etc…. I’m excited to see what everyone else is bringing along (one gal will be bringing her mac & cheese that she is now famous for!!! lol That stuff is awesome!!!!! MMMMMMM)
I’m taking Haden off to a friends’ birthday party in a bit and Felicity will hang out with me and help me with the cheese board. It’ll be a bit of "girl time". If we had more time, we’d bake something…. but we won’t have time, I don’t think….. but maybe we’ll try to squeeze it in 😉
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