Children and their choices

After school today I took the kids with me to the store. I really just needed a couple things, but ended up with a few more, upon request from the kids. (And I still only spent $10!)
So, they saw chips and asked "Please?" I replied with no… cake mix (on sale for $1) "Please?"… No… their response to the No’s was just to continue on down the aisle. It was in the produce section that they persisted after I said No! Yes, produce! They wanted fresh spinach (not on my list, but on sale for $1). I said No, but relented when they said "But, Mom! It will be good with dinner tonight" And they’re right… and I was out of salad at home, so OK… into the cart. The next item was apples… and the produce lady cut up 2 apples so we could try the difference in a Fuji and a Braeburn…. the Braeburn is really good! Not as tart as a Granny Smith (my favorite), but more flavor and tartness than the red delicious. Since they were on sale for $.88/lb I relented there, as well. I still came home with healthy choices, even after giving in to kids’ requests. And in addition to coming home with some healthy food, I have pride along with me, too…. my kids did not bat an eye over being told no to the junk foods…. but they DID beg a little when I at first said no on the healthy foods. I’m glad I got them their choices…
Now I’m off to the kitchen again to finish putting dinner together. The main dish is in the oven. I need to finish the salad and have the kids set the table for me.
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