Coffee With Friends

I had a great visit with a group of friends this morning. We met for coffee at a great little coffee with comfy couches and chairs. Many topics were covered, and food always comes up. Isn’t that the way it is? We’re a nation obsessed with food! And I had with me my new copy of Real Food, by Nina Planck. I’ve only started reading it, so I’m not very far. But I like her views!
My friends are like me. They steer clear of "conveniece foods" as much as possible. We find a way to eat as a family. Sometimes schedules simply conflict, someone is working nights, someone else has a game at night… but on the nights that everyone is home, we eat at the table! I can get pretty creative in how I get everyone around our table….
Back to the coffee…. it seems that the busier we get, the more we need to visit with friends, but the less it happens because we’re busy. It’s a vicious cycle! Most of my friends are at-home Moms (I will NOT say they don’t work… being a Mom is the most important job any of us can have!!! And it’s not a lazy-person’s domain to stay home with kids and chores all day long…). I work a lot, but my hours allow for a lot of flexibility and I find myself often feeling like I am an at-home Mom, since I do get to make it to games, concerts, etc… But there’s no time in the day to just sit and visit! I see my friends daily… in passing as we drop our kids off at school, or pick them up from school and activities.
I want to challenge everyone to just find time… reconnect with your friends! Meet for coffee! Make it a Wednesday morning routine and meet your friends for coffe! Drop the kids off at school and go have some "girlfriend time"!!!  You’ll be amazed how helpful it will be in your life! Exchange recipes for a new food you got your picky eater to actually try and LIKE! Time-saving tips, homework tips, whatever! Just get together and visit!!!! You can’t just feed your body, you need to feed your mind and soul! What better way to do that than visiting with friends!
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  1. Faye says:

    Don\’t have many girlfriends left around for hanging out. Everyone drifted their own direction after high-school. Got a few friends around in the summer who come here to work from Newfoundland but not in the winter. Most of my friends are my blogging buddies! I pour a cuppa tea and blogwalk…like now!

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