What’s On-Hand?

My menu is… well, flexible! I have to look around at my fresh ingredients. If something is ready to be tossed or used immediately, I have to change the menu!!! So, those tomatoes I bought last Thursday were on the list… One of my favorite things to make is anything FAST! I love when I can assemble an entire meal in the time it takes to boil pasta!!!
That’s what tonight’s dinner was… Mama’s Beefy Pasta is simple and sooo fast! In the time the pasta boils up, I can cook the meat, chop the veggies and garlic and throw together a salad! I made dinner tonight in about 20 minutes, start to finish…. WITHOUT using any convenience foods! The pasta is as close to "convenience food" as this meal came. But I certainly am not going to start making my own pastas!!! lol While it may be fun, and good, I just don’t have that kind of time on my hands with working 3 jobs (of course, it seems like more than that…) and raising kids.
Well, tomorrow is a non-cooking day for me. Kids go to their dad’s for dinner, so My John & I work on clearing the fridge of leftovers on Wednesday nights. There’s a few things in there… and if nothing else I’ll throw together a big salad for us to share.
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