Well, it tasted good!

So not everything can turn out perfectly, I suppose. I put together my lasagne yesterday so I wouldn’t have to do it today. I knew as I was assembling the layers that I could have used more sauce… But, I didn’t want to thaw another bag of sauce when I really only needed about another cup. Oh well…
I put the pan in a 200* oven while I was at Camp Fire this afternoon. So it got warm while I was gone. I turned up the oven when we got home around 5. At 6:30 it was dinner time… lasagne was hot and bubbling, but it ended up still a little runny :::shrugs:::
Even runny lasagne was still a huge hit! 2 servings for everyone (well, 1.5 for Felicity who just wanted more cheese off the top!!! lol), plus salad and veggies. Nobody is going to be hungry tonight! It’s been a long time since lasagne made it’s way to my menu, so maybe that’s why it was enjoyed so much.

Tomorrow’s Tamale Pie is changing to Beef & Pasta… lots of tomatoes from the sale last week are still sitting in my basket. Sooooo they need to be used and this is an easy way to do it. The Tamale Pie will return for next Monday (making it Mexican Monday…). It’s a pretty simple meal to prepare ahead of time and let My John serve it up to the kiddos while I’m at my meeting Monday evening.

More tomorrow….. have a great night!
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