Sunday Dinner

The fish came back out and was a big hit. It was so nice to be back on a normal menu!!! As much fun as eating out can be, and having people over can be… well, it is a bit heavy on the stomach….
So tonight I went without a recipe, again (that’s actually pretty common in my cooking, I guess… and I’m not much for measuring, either!). I had 2 salmon steaks and 3 halibut steaks to get cooked up. I chose lemon, green onion and garlic to season with. I chopped the lemon (peeled it, then chunked it up in small pieces, not super fine, but smaller than just slicing), sliced a few green onion tops and chopped about 6 garlic cloves. I poured a bit of lemon juice into the bottom of a baker, put in the fish and topped it with my chopped up "seasoners". That baked off while the rice was cooking and corn was heating. It turned out good and was gone from everyone’s plates FAST! (So, I’m assuming it was good, since we don’t have a dog to feed under the table! lol That, or it was so bad they wanted to destroy the evidence!)

Today I also set myself up for a slightly less stressful Monday! I put together my lasagne for tomorrow’s dinner. That will get put into a warm oven when I leave for Camp Fire and then it should be almost ready once we get home. I also made Cinnamon Twists for a nice simple breakfast for the kiddos, along with some smoothies with the yogurt I bought and the frozen berries I already have onhand.

What’s for Dinner Tonight at YOUR House?
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