… the day ends

What a day!!! First, I must say something…
OK, that’s out of my system! Anyone else see the game? WOW! Talk about stress, huh?

On the menu… Uncle Bubba’s Wings (a Paula Deen recipe… thank you Amy for letting me know about this one), Tropical Fruit Salad, Potato Salad… others brought with them Ranch Wings, Bourbon Chicken, veggies, crackers, chips, dips and devilled eggs. As always, too much food! But it was fun!
My John said the wings could have been hotter….  Anyone have something that can beat the heat of this recipe?
You’ll notice in the recipe I posted for Tropical Fruit Salad that it calls for a fresh coconut! Yes, I actually did split a coconut! I took the milk and put it in a cup for possible later use. I grated most of the meat from the coconut for the salad, and there is still quite a bit left. I think I’ll toss what’s left of the coconut in with the plain yogurt I bought for smoothies!
Tomorrow I think I’ll do a little baking. I’ve got the fish in the fridge to thaw, as well as the spaghetti sauce for making lasagne. I’ll probably put that together tomorrow since Mondays are crazy for me, so on Monday when I get home from Camp Fire I’ll just be heating it up!
I plan to make up some menu plans for thenext couple weeks, and will post those as I finish them. I want to change a few of my usual recipes to add a little extra something to them…. I’m considering using pepper jack cheese in stuffed peppers, instead of the usual cheddar. (This, of course, would be just for me & My John while the kids are at their dad’s house…) And I want to play around with making paninis, now that I have a press for my grill pan!
OK…. I’m getting hungry again…

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  1. Faye says:

    Welcome back to blogland Celeste! Can\’t wait to see your weekly menus. They were great for giving me ideas when you use to post them on your old blog. Mostly I just cook for two now. Megan (22) still lives home but you never know when she will be home or  not. (Not on the weekend she\’s at her BF then) Besides she is a fussy eater but if she doesn\’t like what we are having she makes her own supper with no complaints.
    Hope your weekend was great.

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