Let the Kids Decide!

Yes, let the kids have a choice and listen to their choice. Which vegetable with dinner? Do you want rice or potatoes? They’ll enjoy having a say in what they are eating, and might just eat a little more.
This afternoon Haden was helping me make potato salad and he suddenly looked at me and said "When can we have fruit salad?" HHHMMM It’s not something I ever think about making… And I’ve got some fresh whip cream that I made for My John’s birthday brownies the other day. Lots of fresh fruit, and some canned tropical fruits…. So, my answer to him was "Well, how about tonight?" Oh man! I thought he was gonna die from the excitement! All over FRUIT! So I’ve got the fruit in a strainer (over a bowl) in the fridge. We’ve got lots of food for the BIG GAME tonight… I’ll be back later with recipes!!!
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