Mexican again…

We’re in the middle of a bit of some winter storming… this caused a change in our dinner plans. It seemed a bit ridiculous to drive the 28 miles (one way) to the restaurant we planned on going to in the next town. So instead we stayed in town and hit our fave place again. This saved us time and money, too! lol  And really, isn’t it better to celebrate a birthday among people who know you and can personally wish you a Happy Birthday? It’s like being home when we’re there. Even when we hadn’t been to this place for nearly 2 years, when we walked in again, we were welcomed as if it had just been yesterday! Such a friendly place!!!
So… My John finally got his birthday gifts. He is just sooooo thrilled to have gotten George Strait CDs. I could have stopped with the gifts there and he would have been happy. The tickets to his upcoming concert sent him over the edge, though!!!!! He is beyond thrilled, because it’s one of the things he always wanted to do before he dies. So now he will… one of the other things he wants is to see the Seahawks WIN the Superbowl! (Last year he said he could die happy knowing they had gone to the Superbowl… this year he’s waiting for the WIN! lol)
Well, I didn’t completely boycott the kitchen today. I did make some blueberry muffins for the kiddos (and 3 friends they had over today!). Of course, this time around I used a boxed mix…. I do need to dig out my fave ol’ blueberry muffin recipe again and make some to freeze and take out for quick breakfasts.
Tomorrow is cooking for the Seahawks playoff game. Felicity helped My John with putting together the hot sauce for marinating his wings. Tomorrow I will have Haden help me make the potato salad. I will also get the fish out of the freezer so it can thaw for Sunday’s light dinner. I’ll be looking forward to a nice meal, cooked by ME!!!!! YAY!
G’nite friends! Do you know what’s for dinner?
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    Glad he enjoyed the surprise!!  :o)

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