A Brownie Kinda Day

Today was a big day for My John! He’s 40 today. I tease him that he’s old, but I have always believed that old is simply a state of mind.
You don’t quit playing because you grow old, you grow old because you quit playing! (wish I could credit where this came from, but I’ve been saying it for so long that I just don’t know where it came from originally… sorry…)
I made dessert for My John. He doesn’t like cake… but he does like brownies. So I asked my online group of friends to steer me towards a great brownie recipe. (I have recipes I’ve used before, but I wanted to try a new one!)
Thank you, Candy, for linking me to the recipe I chose.
Ballot Box Brownies from Hershey’s website!!! YUMM-O!!! Very rich and sweet. The only change I made in making it is that I didn’t have chocolate chips, but I had chocolate chunks, so I used those instead. MMMMMM Must try recipe… and it’s another one that is easy to make without a run to the store! I had everything here (although I did use the last of my sugar, so that is now on my grocery list for tomorrow morning.

Speakinging of shopping tomorrow… those of you who are local to me (you know who you are!)… Super 1 is having their 12 Hour sale tomorrow (Thursday, January 4th) Cereal and Breakfast sale, featuring a gallon ofmilk for $.98! YAHOO! They also have some great deals on produce this week, with Roma tomatoes for $.78/lb and cucumbers or green bell peppers for 3/$.99 (It’s the great produce deals that make me shop at this store!) Not only are there great sales, but I’ve never known them to run out of a sale item (not even their loss leaders like that $.98 milk!)
So tomorrow morning before I head into work I will be hitting the stores in the next town for my groceries. I’m making a list and will stick to it! I am determined to stick within my budget this month!!! I will plan my menus to use mostly what I already have, only needing to add in some trips for produce, bread and dairy…. I will make it happen! I can do it! I’ve done it before!!!

Well, I must get my list together for tomorrow morning! Morning comes mighty early for this not-a-morning-person girl. More sharing tomorrow!
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  1. Unknown says:

    Happy birthday to Your John!
    I had to create a profile here to comment, and it was a pain.  I can\’t get the comment thing to work, either, it won\’t let me add my name or blog link, but enough about me!  I need to make a menu too, but I will be heading to the store this weekend.  Wish me luck, lol.
    Susan K

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